Friday, September 5, 2008

Britney spear's Romance in Sun City

Proximity is all the rumor mill needs to start cranking, as evidenced this weekend when Britney Spears was spotted within Cheeto-throwing distance of her paparazzo ex, Adnan Ghalib. People reports that the comeback-minded, but still conservator-controlled, popster spent the holiday in Las Vegas relaxing with pals -- and minders -- at the Mirage Hotel, the very same place her chin strip-sporting former flame happened to be wandering around. According to the mag, they "did not see each other in public though they were within a few yards of each other several times" on Sunday as a bikini-clad Brit worked on her skin damage tan by the hotel's pool. No word on whether Spears, whose father, Jamie, has the final say on who she can and cannot see, caught up with Ghalib in private. "I don't think it was a coincidence that he was there," a snitch tells E! News. "What are the odds?" When not soaking up the sun and having less-than-coincidental near-misses with an ex, Britney, who may or may not be appearing at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 7, made a return visit to Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and caught Cirque du Soleil's "Love" show.

There are plenty of theories bouncing around over why David Duchovny checked himself into rehab for sex addiction, including the possibility that he stepped out on Téa Leoni, his wife of more than a decade. But an insider hints to Fox News that there may be a more solitary explanation than an affair, namely, a dependence on online porn. So why did the actor invite many an easy comparison to his pleasure-seeking "Californication" character and his "X-Files" alter ego (Mulder, you may remember, had a weakness for pornography) by revealing he's in treatment? Word is, one of his fellow patients sold him out to a tabloid, which was about to run with the story.

If you prefer your romance rumors with a dab of Clearasil and side of geometry homework, then a recent double date should be of particular interest. Us Weekly reports that the Jonas Brothers stepped out for dinner in New York last Thursday with Selena Gomez, 16, and Taylor Swift, 18, who have been linked to 15-year-old Nick and 19-year-old Joe, respectively. In recent weeks, the wholesome teens have bobbed and weaved around the young-love reports, but in surprisingly similar ways. "He's an amazing guy, and anybody would be lucky to be dating him," Swift told People of Joe, who then dodged to Ryan Seacrest, "She's a great girl ... I think anybody would love to go on a date with her." Nick echoed Swift's sentiments to Seacrest, saying of Selena, "Well, she's an amazing girl, and anybody would be lucky to be dating her." Gomez, for her part, has denied the dating chatter, but says she and Nick "bonded" over their purity rings (hers, a gift from her dad, reads "true love waits").

For once, Naomi Campbell has a darn good reason to be miffed. The rage blackout-prone supermodel is displeased over reports that her moneybags Russian squeeze, Vladimir Doronin, surprised her with an $18.5 million penthouse in Sao Paolo, Brazil. "If I want a house, I'll buy my own," she huffs to the London Daily Mirror. "I don't need a man for that."

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