Monday, September 15, 2008

Sexy Ameesha patel on the cover of MW

This surely seems to be some sort of a lesson (or better still 'inspiration') to all those who believe in Numerology! She started her romance with the silver screen as Amisha Patel. After which, due to reasons well known, she dropped her surname and went onto become only Amisha.

And then came a time (which has retained itself till now), whereby she calls herself as 'Ameesha'. We wonder if this has anything to do with numerology, but one thing is for sure that this 'Ameesha' chic has become quite a looker and more stunning than ever before!

If you do not believe us, then, go grab a copy of the latest issue of 'MW', of which she is the cover girl. Man! We wonder how the fotog must have resisted his temptations while shooting this glacier beauty! Life is looking up for Ameesha for more reasons than one.

She has found her 'true love' at last (as she claims), she looks more than 'just a mere' million bucks, has an array of class-apart films coming her way, namely Chatur Singh Two Star, Run Bhola Run, to name a few!

In this issue, Ameesha has mouthed some of the most memorable quotes of her career like "My versatility is my USP. I can play a school girl, a mother, and a seductress with equal ease, I hate any man who tries too hard to impress or whose swagger says, 'Look At Me'''.

Overall, its Ameesha’s snaps and her quotable quotes that makes this issue of MW simply a Collector’s Issue!

Source : Indiafm

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