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Bollywood Actress on Holi Festival

If the harmful chemicals of the Holi colours are restricting you to enjoy the spirit of the festival then follow the hair and skin care regime of celebrities and throw caution to the wind and have a fun-filled Holi

Deepika Padukone, Bollywood Actress
I always celebrate Holi but unfortunately as I am shooting the next day, this year I will be unable to participate in the festivities. Holi as a child was really fun and I can recall playing Holi when I was in school with my friends in my building. Though I thoroughly enjoy playing with colours I use coconut oil to ensure that my skin and hair remain safe.

Anushka Sharma, Bollywood Actress
I have always loved Holi because of the energy it possesses, the joy it brings and the colours it adds. However, in all the madness of gulal, water balloons and pichkaris, one should still be careful. I have always enjoyed Holi and to enjoy it in all it’s colours I make sure to oil my hair with coconut oil before going out to play. Applying coconut hair oil on your scalp acts as a barrier and prevents colours from directly coming in contact with hair and will lessen the damage. After the celebration, it is important to wash off the colours from the hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. If hair gets dry then warm oil accompanied with hot towel treatment should be taken the next day. This will help the hair to retain its lustre.

Esha Deol, Bollywood Actress
I associate Holi with lots of fun and having a wild time. I played Holi a lot as a kid and we used to go really wild. I remember throwing eggs at people and once I ended up pelting a police person and had to go to the police station. I have definitely sobered down now, but still thoroughly enjoying this festival. Our first ritual is to put colour on Lord Krishna’s murti, before we start playing. Applying coconut oil on my hair before playing is also one of the rituals for me.

Avika Gor, TV actor
I love playing Holi and do so with great pride. This year I plan to colour everyone around me, as I feel no one should be left clean. Holi is a festival of colours and it’s meaningless without it. However, I ensure that my hair remains safe by applying coconut oil.

Diana Hayden, model / TV actor
Holi to me means lots of fun and also it’s one festival that transcends all religion and castes. This year I plan to go to a friend’s bungalow at Madh Island. I remember having a blast as a child. It was great fun with the pichkaris and colours. I used to play with my brother and his friends. I clearly remember that as I got a little older I became conscious of playing with the boys. I had locked myself on the terrace but they broke down the door and got me all coloured. It was riotous.

I have no fears about Holi. I think Holi is meaningless without stains. However, I recommend that one can oil their hair as a precaution. Some colours are so harmful, so I recommend moisturising the body with coconut or olive oil.

Vidya Malvade, TV actor
I am totally looking forward to Holi this year since it happens to be my first Holi after my wedding. My husband and his family have plans to drench me in colour of their love and tradition. The best way to take care of skin and hair is to apply loads of oil, so that the colour does not stick. I feel coconut oil is a good option.

Aarti Chhabria, model-turned-film actor, Bollywood Actress
I love playing Holi. This year’s Holi celebration would be with my family and close friends. As a kid I used to play Holi with water-balloons, but now due to the water shortage we can’t do that. However, I still have loads of fun and frolic and keep the spirit of the festival alive. As far as my skin and hair is concerned I just oil my hair with coconut oil before playing Holi because colours come off easily from oily surfaces.

Pooja Bedi, film/TV actor
For me, Holi is a colourful, crazy, messy, fun-filled and ecstatic festival. However, sometimes the constant exposure to the sun and oodles of colour on your body and hair can have harm effects. In order to keep it at a bay, I play Holi with safe colours and plaster my hair and body with lots of coconut oil. It protects the skin and hair against the harmful colours. Post Holi I scrub off the colour with warm water and moisturise my skin very well.

Divya Dutta, film / TV actor
Right from my childhood I am a dedicated Holi player. I love going to Shabanaji’s Holi party as it has some great music, food and of course, colour. I love the entire feel and mood of Holi. To protect my hair and skin I follow nani maa’s nuska of applying coconut oil. Prior to the Holi celebration I oil my hair and skin properly, so the colour doesn’t stick for long. After the celebration is over then I remove the colours with oil and cleanser.

Narayani Shastri, TV actor
Holi is the only festival that I actually celebrate. The celebration is about hopping from one party to another and finally settling with family and close friends. As such I do not have any fears related to Holi since we play Holi with safe colours like gulal and herbal colours. I just oil my hair and face with coconut oil. It is like a coating of safety. After the celebration, it’s important to wash off the colour from the hair and body thoroughly and let it stay without any make up as it will help the skin to breathe.

Shilpa Saklani, TV actor
I enjoy playing Holi. But, as of now I haven’t made any plans for this year’s Holi celebration. In order to protect my hair from the harmful chemicals present in some colours I apply a mix of coconut and castor oil and for the skin I just use a good moisturiser, it does the trick!

Kanchi Kaul, TV actor
I love playing Holi as it’s good fun. This Holi I plan to celebrate at one of my friend’s place. I don’t fear any skin or hair damage since of late people have started playing Holi with organic colours. For the sake of precaution I oil my hair and body with thick coconut oil. The oil coating really helps in taking out the colour.

By Monisha Pratap Shah and Preeti Gupta

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Brooklyn Decker ; Bikini Candid

Karthik Calling Karthik: Movie Reviews, Wallpapers, Story, Cast & Songs

Movie is romantic thriller starring Farhan Akhtar and Deepika Padukone, produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani, and directed by Vijay Lalwani.Karthik Calling Karthik stars Farhan Akhtar, Deepika Padukone, Ram Kapoor, Vivan Bhatena, Vipin Sharma, Yateen Vijaykar and Shefali Shah.

The movie will see Deepika Padukone moving away from her regular glamourous roles. Farhan Akhtar will be seen playing an introvert obsessed with the Rubik’s cube.The plot of the movie is centered on Karthik (Farhan Akhtar), who is an introvert, shy and diffident, young man. He is struggling terribly in life, owing to a lack of self-belief and major confidence issues. He is slogging in an average job, where he is too miserable to churn out any productive results.The film has music given by the trio Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani and Loy Mendonsa. The background score is composed by Midival Punditz and Karsh Kale.

The story of a lovable loser, Karthik, whose life changes with the help of someone who also claims to be Karthik. It’s a thrilling, soulful and romantic journey of this man's victory against all odds.

Director: Vijay Lalwani
Producer: Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar
Banner: Excel Entertainment, Magic Beans
Music Director: Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mendonsa
Lyricist: Javed Akhtar
Star Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Deepika Padukone, Ram Kapoor, Shefali Shah

Kartik Calling Kartik Cast:
Farhan Akhtar - Karthik Narayan
Deepika Padukone - Shonali Mukherjee
Ram Kapoor - Mr. Kamath
Shefali Chhaya - Mrs. Kapadia

Uff Teri Ada by Shankar Mahadevan
Hey Ya! by Clinton Cerejo & Shankar Mahadevan
aane Ye Kya Hua by K.K.
Kaisi Hai Ye Udaasi by Kailash Kher
Karthik Calling Karthik by Suraj Jagan, Shankar Mahadevan & Caralisa Monteiro
Karthik 2.0 by

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Gorgeous Girl

Guess the name of this Gorgeous Girl ?
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