Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tollywood Actress Priyamani in Bikini

Priyamani won the prestigious National Film Award for Best Actress for her very first successful lead as Muthazaghu in Tamil movie PARUTHIVEERAN (2007). PARUTHIVEERAN (2007) is a benchmark Tamil film directed by Ameer Sultan. He did the story and screenplay as well. The movie won several other awards.

Now Priyamani is in Bikini in the movie called DRONA. Priyamani bikini images is now available all over the web. Here are some selected 10 images of hot Priyamani in Bikini shots!

Some more of Hot Hub Photo Pages of Priyaman can be cound here. In one, you can see her white panty, as she forget to cross her legs!

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