Thursday, December 23, 2010

Asin Salman Marriage: Asin Marries Salman Khan On Screen

Salman Khan 'Weds' Asin: Bollywood Actress Salman Khan ‘married’ hot actress Asin earlier this week in a hush-hush ceremony in which her parents were not invited, according to the media down south. The press in the South is claiming that Asin tied the knot with Salman Khan earlier this week in the presence of close friends. As the evidence, a photograph of Salman dressed as a dulha and Asin as his new bride was splashed in the press reports.

Asin Marries Salman Khan
The actress sighs deeply when responding, "At last, the rumours are coming true. Salman and I are finally married. It's a first for both of us." She says after Malayali, Tamil and Telugu weddings, this is her first Punjabi shaadi.

Asin Marries Salman KhanBut the actress can’t stop laughing because it was a shoot for her film Ready with Salman Khan. Apparently, someone thought she was getting married for real and published the story which was picked up by others in the media down south. In fact, the news of Asin’s marriage even reached her native place Kerala. The ‘marriage’ has now become the source of constant jokes on the sets of Ready, with Salman teasing Asin and boasting to everyone that he’s finally married.

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